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Feb 14, 2005


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» "Crimogenic" design from Crooked Timber
Reason Magazine has a long piece attacking New Urbanism co-written by an architectural liaison officer with the West Yorkshire Police and someone from the Thoreau Institute. It would be tempting to suggest the Onionesque headline: Libertarians: “... [Read More]

» Wendel Cox, meet Randal O'Toole from Orthodox Heresy
Since our neighborhood is still in many ways "transitional," we get a decent share of property crime: fixtures stolen from homes under renovation, car stereos ripped off, that sort of thing. But while I have no O'Toole-esque statistics to prove it, t... [Read More]

» Linkages from Learn Ignorance
Articles I'm digging this week. [Read More]

» Negative publicity on the internet from InPerth - Life in Perth, Western Australia
You know, its funny what a little negative publicity can do. Last week, this review of Satterley in South Perth was put up. And now look at the top match for Satterley South Perth. Oh, my. Now people looking for their company w... [Read More]


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